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Foster Parent Program
We received an
Overwhelming Response

to our
Adopt A Bird
Foster Parent Program

Phillips Ranch, Ca.

This is the e-mail Lee Ann sent to lady gouldian
"...this is my third attempt in trying to adopt one of your special birds. I just recently lost my beloved handicapped Gouldian finch. He was born with a crocked leg. We received him in the pet store I used to work at, and when they saw that he was deformed, they were going to immediately get rid of him! So, I took him home that day. I didnít think it was right to do that just because his leg wasnít perfect. I understand that nobody in this world is perfect, including animals. I took great care of him, and had him for seven wonderful years. I miss his beautiful sing song he used to do every single night while I tried to do my homework. Now, I almost struggle to finish it without him. I think I would be a great foster parent because I would love and cherish the bird no matter what handicap it had. I would give it the love and attention that it deserves. No animal should be treated different because of a handicap; in fact, I think they deserve more attention just for being so special! I work at a veterinarian hospital, and I am almost famous for rescuing baby birds. Everyone in town brings me their baby birds in the spring which have fallen out of the nest. I nurse them back to health, and then release them. Birds are a wonderful hobby for me, I just wish I had one I could keep. Please, if you pick me to be a foster parent, I will give the bird a better home than you can ever imagine. Thank you for your time."

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