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Christina from Seattle, WA asks: Help. My kids found and caught 3 baby finches that must have fallen out of their nest. They could hop but not fly. We brought them inside and put them in box with towel and a nest we already had. One looks good, one so so and the other may be dying. We have no idea how to take care of them. Is this something we can do...or should be be seeking professional help to save them? Christina
Hello Christina, You should have put those babies back where your children found them. I am fairly sure that they did not fall out of the nest. I'll bet that their parents were right there when your children caught the babies. Often times wild baby birds cannot fly when they leave the nest. The parents will continue feeding them on the ground until they gain their ability to fly. At this point, the parents will not take back the chicks because they smell like humans. Do you know what kind of birds they are? Are they attempting to eat anything on their own? If they are seed eating birds, you might try offering them millet spray. But if they are insect eating birds, they will need live food like mealworms. One of the hand-feeding formulas would benefit both types of birds if they are not yet eating on their own, but I don't think they will accept hand-feeding voluntarily, so they will need to be crop fed. Do you know of any wildlife rehabilitators in your area? This might be your best bet for saving the babies. All the Best

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