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Blood Stop

New Formula
100% Natural Purified


Blood Stop Powder is a natural hemostatic product used to stop bleeding from minor cuts, wounds, or over trimmed toenails. It is a non-toxic natural method to control bleeding. This product contains no harsh chemicals found in most of the styptic products on the market, which can cause eye, skin and upper respiratory tract irritation causing a delay in healing. In contrast, the ingredients in our New Blood Stop are all natural, and not caustic. If you get the product on your hand, or anywhere on the birdís skin, you donít have to worry that it is going to irritate. The bird can breathe it, or even accidently eat it, and it will not hurt the bird. Blood Stop Powder is safe and effective, and stops bleeding without burning the skin.

Directions for use: Apply topically to the bleeding area with gentle pressure for 1-3 minutes. Watch the animal closely for a few hours to be certain that bleeding does not return. Blood Stop Powder may be applied as often as needed. In case of deep or puncture wounds, or severe burns, consult your veterinarian immediately. Discontinue use if irritation, swelling, or redness persists.

This product is free of pesticides. Store in a cool, dry place.

Active Ingredients: 100% Natural Purified Kaolinite


Blood Stop Powder - 100% Natural Purified Kaolinite used to stop bleeding from minor cuts, wounds or over trimmed toenails and feathers.
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