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"... I've ordered Calcium Plus and Feather Fast for months now, and since then, my birds *lovebirds, parakeets, zebra finches and a nanday, have the richest, sleekest feathers, and none of the females have trouble laying eggs. So, thanks!"
Kristen Martin - Alabama

".... I want to send a HUGE thank you...your website saved my bird! Unfortunately the last weekend I lost a bird to egg binding, I did not know what was going on, so I searched your site and followed your advice when my 2nd bird started with the exact same symptoms. I had taken her to the vet, who advised was 'air sac mites' he treated with Ivermectin. I was not satisfied with his diagonsis. I was so happy to have your products with me the Calcium Plus (liquid) and Miracle Meal. I put her in a critter cage, (small plastic cage I use for transport) along with a heating pad. I gave her the calcium plus and miracle meal, and prayed! She did drink and eat, but looked HORRIBLE, all fluffed, eyes closed, I was certain I was losing her. Well, about 3 hours later she passed her egg!!!! I was ESTATIC! The next day, she looked a little worn still, but today she is PERFECT! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Again Thank you, and you have a lifetime customer!" God Bless you,
Sara Gush-Halav

"...Calcium Plus paid for itself ten times over
just in increased chick numbers alone! "
Brian Miller, CA

Liquid Calcium, Vitamin D3
and Magnesium Supplement

Calcium Plus is a concentrated, pre-dissolved, highly bio-available form of calcium, vitamin D3, and magnesium formulated for maximum intestinal absorption. Calcium Plus is one of the most potent liquid calcium products available. Calcium deficiency in birds can cause egg binding, feather plucking, splay legs, nervousness, poor muscle control and other health problems.

Active Ingredients:
  Calcium Borogluconate    33g/L
  Vitamin D3   25000 i.u./L
  Magnesium (MG++)   2g/L

Directions: Add four teaspoons of Calcium Plus per quart of drinking water, or one teaspoon per cup of fruits, vegetables, soaked seed, or softfood.

Calcium Plus can be used in egg bound birds to aid in the expulsion of of the egg and in cases of soft shelled eggs to deliver calcium to the shell gland. administer directly to the bird at the rate of one drop per two ounces of body weight.

Calcium Plus should be administered to breeding birds, approximately four weeks prior to the beginning of egg laying and through the chick rearing period.

Feed once or twice per week to non-breeding birds and five times per week to breeding birds.

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from light.

Available in: 4oz (118ml) 8oz (236ml) 16oz (473ml) and 32oz (946ml)

SALE! Calcium Plus - no longer experience egg binding, soft shelled eggs, thin shells or dead-in-shells. Potent liquid calcium source.
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