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Coccidiosis treatment for Ornamental Birds and Pigeons

What is it?
Coccidiosis- is a disease caused by a protozoan-type parasite that lives and multiplies in the intestinal tract and causes tissue damage.

Signs of Coccidiosis
Watery droppings, fluffed up, inactive birds with shaking and weight loss followed by dark green, tacky, smelly diarrhea, blood in the droppings, sudden death are signs of coccidiosis.. Budgies, finches and pigeons are the most commonly affected species. The Coccidia are protozoan parasites that live in the lining of the bird's intestine. Because birds are unable to absorb nutrients from their food, they gradually loose so much body weigh that they die. The parasite is picked up by birds hunting the floor of their flights and cages for food or is passed between the birds by eating another infected bird's droppings. The eggs contained in the droppings are quite small. Diagnosis is made by examining the droppings under the microscope, but finding them is often difficult as there are several stages to the infestation and the "occytes" are not shed during all the stages.

Juveniles dying at 10-12 weeks of age
If your adult birds become infected during the breeding season, you will most likely start loosing your juveniles at 10-12 weeks of age. The nestlings are infected very early on and degeneration of the liver begins. At 10-12 weeks there is so little liver function left, that the juveniles begin to drop weight and "waste away".

Prevention measure
As a preventative measure, Cocci-Care can be administered to your birds in their water, anytime conditions are right for them to become infected. These times would be during rainy weather or the warm temperatures and high humidity situations like those found in the Southern United States. Coccidia need moisture and warmth to survive and multiply. As the birds are hunting around the floor of their cages, they can easily pick up the coccidia parasite.

Your birds do not however, need to be housed outdoor to become infected with Coccidiosis. Leaking drinkers or water bowls can wet the floor of indoor cages and allow the parasite to multiply there also. And even if your cage is totally dry, coccidiosis outbreaks may appear secondary to other diseases. Treatment with Cocci-Care would be useful as a preventative anytime they have been exposed to conditions that make them susceptible.

Cocci-Care is a water soluble formula that is added to the drinking water at the rate of 1/3tsp of Cacci-Care to one quart of drinking water. Birds should be treated for 5 7 days depending on the severity of the disease.

Cocci-Care is a water soluble formula that is added to the drinking water at the rate of 1/3 teaspoon to one quart of water. Birds should be treated for 5 7 days depending on the severity of the disease. Remove all other sources of drinking water during treatment. Repeat treatment as required.

Available: 2 & 4 Fluid Ounces
CocciCARE - prevent coccidiosis in all birds by using CocciCARE on alternative weeks during prolonged periods of wet weather or when aviary floor is damp for more than three days.
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This product is not intended or approved for stock whose meat or eggs are intended for human consumption. Consult your veterinarian for authorization and supervision in administering this or any antimicrobial medication.


"...There are products available that treat 3 and sometimes 4 diseases in one multi-mix. They recommend treating all at one time saving having to treat one thing at a time. They are used to treat Coccidiosis, Canker, Paratyphoid, Worms and E.coli. They contain, Furaltadone, Ronidazole, AmproliumHCL & Oxybendazol. Are these mixes safe to use on my finches and canaries?"

"...It is common to treat Pigeons with a multi-mix product as a regular health maintenance program. Ideally it is best not to mix medications for different types families of parasites in the stored form."

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