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Cuttlebone is the internal shell, or the spine of the cuttlefish, which is related to squids and octopi and found in oceans all over the world. The cuttlefish have eight arms and two tentacles, and when in danger, eject a black ink-like fluid. Since the spine is the only bone in the cuttlefish, it is discarded when they are cleaned and prepared for eating. The bones are then exported for sale.

Cuttlebone is a good natural source of trace minerals, iron and calcium for your birdís diet. While they peck and nibble, the Cuttlebone helps keep their beaks trimmed and sharp. Notice that one side of the cuttlebone is hard, while the other is soft enough to insert your finer nail into. The soft side is the side that should be accessible to your bird, so that it can get the full benefit of the minerals. The cuttlebone can be attached to the side of the cage with a twist tie or a specially designed clip-it.

7- 8 inch
10 - 12 inch

Cuttlebone - source of calcium and other trace minerals to your birds diet.
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