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"....I canít thank you enough for your advice to hang the bird seed and water on the outside of my flights. Refilling and changing of the seed and water from the outside makes my job so easy and the birds love that I donít walk in on them in compromising situations!"
Barbara Winters Ė California
Hanging water bottle keeps water uncontaminated by things that can easily fall into an open water dish. Seed hopper with catch tray keeps cage floor cleaner by catching the seed hulls as birds eat. Mounts on cage door. Spring and rubber glass stopper lets you hang your water bottle inside or outside cage. Sold separately. Colors vary.

Seed Hopper
Glass/rubber tube & spring
Water & Feed System Kit

Add your own coke, pepsi or soda bottle for your personal touch!
fresh clean water!
When adding this new water system to your cage or aviaries begin by placing the new bottle at the same location as the existing water container. After the third day remove the existing source of water leaving the new hanging bottle. Using this technique will guarantee the birds will find the new water source without stress.

To prevent water from leaking release the air bubbles before hanging.

Feed & Water System - Seed hopper with catch tray keeps cage floor cleaner by catching the seed hulls as birds eat. Spring and Glass Rubber drinker allows hanging the water bottle (not supplied) and prevents water from contamination. Colors vary. Sold Separately.
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