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Bird Keeping the South African Way
Part Two
The Finches of Africa

This DVD was compiled with the help of 22 of South Africa's leading African finch breeders and keepers, all of whom participated in a major countrywide research study to ensure that the most up to date knowledge and experience could be shared with you in this pioneering DVD. The results of this qualitative study can be seen in the unique Bird Keeper's Guide that appears below each species in the DVD. Five icons are used: an EYE, BIRD, NESTBOX, ANT and WEATHER to provide key information on subject matter to help you achieve greater breeding and keeping success for all types of finches.

The categories in the Ant symbol signify the requirement for live food:

  • No live food required
  • A little live food required when breeding
  • Live food required on a daily basis
  • Heavy concentrations of live food required at all times
  • The symbol (U) signifies unknown or information unavailable.
       Degree of Difficulty in Breeding
       The quantity of live food required
       Housing requirements - including the sensitivity of species to climatic extremes

Filmed Species Include:

  • Cordonblues
  • Pytilias
  • Crimson wings
  • Twinspots
  • Quail finches
  • Manikins
  • Africa's rarest finch
  • Other interesting waxbills
  • Whydahs and their hosts
  • African fire finches and their indigo birds
  • West African finches
  • Finches North of the Sahara
  • The Odd-One- Out finch
  • Sparrows, Weavers and Bishops
  • Windowbirds
  • Queleas
  • Serins and many more

In total, Finches of Africa includes 70 finch species, including some very rare breeds that have never been filmed.

  • DVD includes a unique Bird Keeper's Guide
  • "This is a product that I fully recommend." Russell Kingston globally acclaimed author on finches
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Bird Keeping the South African Way
Part Two The Finches of South Africa 58 minutes

Available in NTSC Format

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