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Full Day - All Night Lights
Two in one, day and night!
This light is great for those pet birds that experience "Night Fright".
The LED blue moonlight provides a calming atmosphere.

We are proud to introduce the first of its kind, a full spectrum day lamp combined with the stress reducing benefits of a moonlight night lamp. Full day all night, that’s Featherbrite. This package includes everything you need for the ultimate light package for your bird. Setup is a snap and doesn’t require the purchase of a timer or the hassle of swapping bulbs. Just setup the all-inclusive lamp and let the bulbs work their magic.  When the full spectrum light goes off, a pale blue moonlight will shine until morning when the sun comes up. Studies have proven that by simulating your bird’s natural night time environment, you can reduce stress and improve coloration and health.

Universal Full Spectrum
Cage Top Light/Moon

  • Bird safe non-toxic powder coated aluminum shade
  • Handcrafted superior quality, Made in the USA
  • Stainless steel safety wire extender
  • 12 foot chain. Two 15 foot electrical cords with off/on switch on each cord.
  • 15w Full Spectrum bulb
  • Blue LED Moonlight bulb
  • Hanging kit is included
  • Approximately 13 inch in diameter and 11 inch high
  • Switch on the top of the shade operates the daylight bulb. A button switch on the shade operates the moonlight bulb. There are two electrical cords. Both can be operated with a timer.
The new mounting design is stainless steel, lighter and makes the light much easier to attach to almost every style cage including cages with flat, dome, scallop, Victorian and play top cages. Just attach the legs to the light, front to back or left to right, depending on your cage. Push the large loop through the cage bars and that is it!

Full Spectrum Universal Cage Top Day/Night Lights fits every style cage. Comes with two bulbs. When full spectrum day light goes off, a pale blue moonlight comes on. Perfect for birds that experience "Night Fright". 13" diameter x 11" high.
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