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Never experience the pain of losing
tossed or abandoned chicks again!

NEW! Vetafarm's

Hand rearing food for Baby Birds


Premium hand rearing formula. Suitable
for use from hatching through to weaning.


Neocare is a veterinary balanced food designed
to give your birds a flying start. Predigestives and
Probiotics in Neocare ensure babies get all the
nutrition they need to grow into spectacular birds.

Neocare follows nature by providing a form of
“crop milk”, essential for the well being of babies
that are hand reared. Neocare is suitable for Finches,
Canaries, Pigeons, Parrots, Cockatoos and Doves.


Extrusion-cooked for safety and increased digestibility. Contains Probotic to promote healthy gut flora. Contains Pre-digestives to increase gut efficiency and ensure maximum absorption of nutrients. Scientifically balanced to ensure precise nutrition in baby birds. Contains all necessary vitamins, mineral, calcium, and amino acids for growing bones, organ function, and strong feather development.


Neocare is a fine powder that is mixed with hot water to give a desired mix. For newly hatched babies, make a very dilute mix and give a few drops until the baby passes its first dropping. Then feed as required and slowly increase the thickness of the mix until by day 5 they are getting a mix that will fall through the prongs of a fork.

Ingredients: Select Australian whole grains (Corn, Wheat, & Soybean), plus high quality additives including: Vitamins (A, B6, B7, B12, C, D, E), Minerals (Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Sodium, Magnesium, & Phosphorous), Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids vegetable oils), Amino Acids (Lysine & Methionine). Probiotic (6mg/g) & meat protein.


Guaranteed Analysis: Min crude protein 21%. Min crude fat 15%. Max Fiber 4%. Max salt 0.5%

Storing: Neocare in the freezer will preserve it even longer than the expiration date.



neocare Neocare - hand rearing food for baby birds from Vetafarm. Extrusion- cooked for safety and increased digestibility.
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