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NV powder is a sugar based vitamin, mineral and electrolyte supplement
designed to rejuvenate energy depleted and dehydrated birds.

NV powder is used for the ill bird and after disease outbreaks, the new bird, the feeding parent, weanlings in the nappy cage, following the show.

These are the only circumstances I recommend sugar-based vitamins. NV is best given on soaked bread, sprinkled over a soft food mix or given in glass, stainless steel or glazed water dishes. The water must be kept cool when sugar based vitamins are used and plastic drinkers are not recommended, because they heat up too quickly and predispose the sugar to bacterial overgrowth.

Feeding parents
NV given on the soft food mix, on soaked bread is an ideal energy supplement for feeding parents. It is also ideal for hens during and after egg-laying.

Weanlings in the nappy cage
The nappy cage is the ideal place to use NV powder! It is given on soaked bread or in a soft food mix first thing in the morning for the first three days and then twice weekly. The high energy, vitamins and minerals help the fragile weanlings weather this difficult juvenile stage.

During and after the show
NV revitalizes the tired show bird protecting it from fatigue related illnesses. It is given in the water immediately prior to and after the show.

Stressed new bird
The considerable stress experienced by the new bird an be lessened considerably by giving NV powder in the water for its first five days in quarantine.

After a disease outbreak
NV powder is used to replenish the lost vitamins and minerals after a disease outbreak, especially enteritis and coccidiosis. The electrolytes help flush the kidneys into full working order, promoting a more rapid recovery.

Immediate first aid treatment for the individual ill bird NV powder is incorporated into most emergency first aid cocktails.

5 grams (1 level teaspoon) into 500mls of water.

Available in: 100g, 200g & 400g

Order NV Powder for: Budgies, Canaries, Finches & Aviary Birds

NV Powder - Sugar based vitamin, mineral and electrolyte supplement designed to rejuvenate energy depleted and dehydrated birds.
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