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NEW! Morning Bird's

Be Ready for Anything!


With the medications in Morning Bird's EXTREME Sampler™ you will have a stocked Medicine Chest ready for any Emergency!

Morning Bird's easy-to-use nutrition supplements offer you superior quality to keep your birds healthy all year round.


Morning Bird’s Extreme Sampler™ includes these 22 products:


Hearty Bird (1oz) concentrated, high potency vitamin & mineral supplement.

Iverlux (2oz) air sac mite and scaly face and leg mite treatment.

Iodine (2oz) is required for proper thyroid functioning. Iodine deficiencies can result in difficult molts, poor feather condition, breathing and singing problems and poor breeding.

Powder Kelp (1oz) rich in chelated minerals and micronutrients, amino acids and vitamins. Sprinkle on fruits and vegetables. Add into soft food mix.

Granular Kelp (1oz) birds love foraging through the tiny pieces when mixed in a treat cup of seed, hatched egg shell, grit and charcoal. Sprinkle on fruits and vegetables.

Ronex 12% (1oz) treatment for protozoal infection including Canker, Cochlosoma and Giardia. Water soluble.

Probiotic (1oz) live microbial food supplement that greatly enhances the natural intestinal microbe balance. Probiotics should be used to re-establish normal gut flora after diarrhea, infections or use of antibiotics.

Enrotex Powder (1oz) treats a wide range of bacterial infections of the urinary tract, skin, gastrointestinal, liver and lungs.

Amoxitex (1oz) broad spectrum antibiotic water soluble. Amoxicillin trihydrate (150mg/g) and Tylosin tartrate (100mg./g) combined to treat bacterial infections.

Bee Pollen Granular (1oz) is 25% protein, 50% carbohydrates and 24% polyunsaturated beneficial fatty acids.

Bee Pollen Powder (1oz) great for birds that are picky eaters, older birds lacking in energy, birds recovering from health problems.

Blood Stop Powder (1oz) hemostatic styptic powder used to stop bleeding fromĀ  cuts, wounds and over trimmed toenails.

Breeders Blend (1oz) provides the higher protein needed during breeding and chick development. Contains omega 3 and 6 for increased fertility.

Calcium Plus Powder (1oz) provides calcium, D3 and magnesium to ensure healthier hens, producing larger clutches with better hatchability, producing more live chicks.

Cocci Care (1oz) treatment for the prevention of coccidian protozoa intestinal infection. Coccicare is water soluble.

Feather Fast (1oz) contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, sulphur and high value protein especially designed for molting and feather plucking birds.

Worm Away (1oz) covers all major worm species found in parrots, budgies, finches, canaries, pigeons and other ornamental birds.

Spirulina (1oz) is an edible, dried, microscopic, freshwater blue-green algae phytoplankton that contains up to 79% protein, 26 times the calcium in milk and is far more nutritious than any know food.

Tetratex (1oz) broad spectrum antibiotic used for treatment of chlamydia and other intestinal or respiratory bacterial infections in birds.

Thrive (1oz) a blend of high potency vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein and electrolytes for sick and injured birds. Sprinkle on soft-food. Excellent supplement for use in hand rearing chicks.

Trace Minerals (1oz) contains 63 trace minerals crucial to efficient biological functions.

Vitalize (1oz) treatment for dehydration and exhaustion in bids. Provides needed body salts and glucose energy and is useful to birds being shown, transported or relocated. Add to the drinking water.


Made in USA


Morning Bird's Extreme Sampler™- Be Ready for Anything! - includes: Hearty Bird 1oz, IIverlux 2oz, Liquid Iodine 2oz, Powdered Kelp 1oz, Granular Kelp 1oz, Probiotics 1oz, Enrotex 1oz, Amoxitex 1oz, Vitalize 1oz, Calcium Plus Powder 1oz, Bee Pollen Powder 1oz, Blood Stop 1oz, Breeders Blend 1oz, Cocci-Care 2oz, Feather Fast 1oz, Tetratex 1oz, Spirulina 1oz, Ronex Extra Strength 1oz, Thrive 1oz, Trace Minerals 1oz, Wormaway 1oz, Bee Pollen Granules 1oz
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