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The Air Sac Mite is very common in the Gouldian Finch and Canary. The mite is notorious for causing death in the Gouldian and may be partly responsible for the drop in the wild Gouldian populations. The mites are certainly responsible for the typical coughing Canary. Air sac mite does not have to mean death to your bird. Scatt, an easy to use drop on treatment, is safe and effective.


Apply Scatt at a rate of 1 drop per bird under 30 grams and 2 drops per 100 grams for larger birds. The drops should be applied to an un-feathered part of the skin. Response to the treatment will take a day or two and the birds will recover well. Remember to treat all birds at the same time – not just affected birds.

"Drop On" Air Sac Mite Treatments need to be given every 21 days for 3 months. Thereafter, 2-3 times per year. Because the mite can roam free in the aviary, a whole aviary, clean down and spray with Avian Insect Liquidator, Permectrin11 or Control must be done immediately after treating the birds. If treatment is not rapidly effective, there may be a Respiratory Infection, not the Air sac mite. View the video below that illustrates the application procedure.

How do I administer the SCATT liquid to my bird?
Place a drop of liquid on the thigh of the bird at the base of the neck between the wings. Make sure you place the drop of liquid on the skin.

Additional Treatment required: SCATT is effective when applied to the bird however, it is necessary to treat the environment on the second day with a good Pyrethrum spray. See Q&A section below.

Remember to treat all new arrivals and to re-treat any bird that has been out of the aviary and has been in contact with other birds (loans, shows, etc).

This product is not intended or approved for stock whose meat or eggs are intended for human consumption. Consult your veterinarian for authorization and supervision in administering this or any antimicrobial medication.

Sale! Scatt - kills air sac mites and scaly mites safely and effectively. 3 week residual effect means one treatment is usually all it takes. Active ingredient moxidectine.
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How do I know if my Gouldian has the air sac mite?
Signs include: Heavy breathing; open-mouth breathing; stain on feathers around nostrils; coughing (clicking sounds); sneezing and the birds stop singing. Refer to the in depth article on the air sac mite, Number One Killer of Gouldian Finches for diagonsis and treatment information.

How long does it take my finches to get better after I apply SCATT?
The lightly to moderately effected birds show dramatic improvement in 24-48 hours. Severely infected birds can take weeks to bounce back. Treating with antibiotic for secondary infections on the lesions in the air sacs and lungs is important if they are severely infected. Based on my experience the propagation of airsac mites is very slow, taking several months between infestation and symptoms. Most Gouldians will not become debilitated by airsac mites until they are near death. The characteristic clicking sound will be heard for days to weeks while the parasite is propagating.

Should I disinfect my cage after applying SCATT?
The airsac mite is very persistent. On the second day of treatment with SCATT, the nests, cage and aviary must be cleaned and disinfected with, a pyrethrum-based product. Pyrethrum, an extract of the chrysanthemum flower is safe for use on birds and in their environment. We offer three excellent products, Avian Insect Liquidator, Control & Permectrin11. This treatment must be repeated each week for three weeks to break the life cycle (21 days) of the airsac mite.

Is SCATT safe to use before my birds start breeding?
You can treat your adult birds before you set them up for the breeding season if you have the mite.You don’t want to pass the mite onto the babies. One treatment should be all you need.

"...Scatt worked great for my canary . In just a few days he stopped clicking and now is starting to chirp again with out sounding hoarse or scratchy. Thanks for offering this product and the information on airsac mites. I'm sure it has saved my bird."
Marcella- WA

"...Scatt is the best. My canary started to sing again! I was pleased to see progress in 24 hours after one drop of Scatt. Scatt works excellently."

"..because of your web site and Scatt that I ordered from you my canary, "Carlos," is now back on his feet, so to speak, doing great and singing ALL day long. I can’t thank you enough!"
Jim Donnally

"..SCATT works! I had a cage of young Gouldians, and one started to cough. When I received the Scatt from you, I applied it following your directions (thanks for the applicator bottle) and the cough disappeared in a couple of days."
Hector H

"..With all of your help and the right medications, he has pulled through his bout with the air sac mite wonderfully!"
Christine – Colorado

"..thanks again for all your support during my mite problems. My birds are doing 100% better. You have been a real friend in my time of need and I greatly appreciate it!"

"..I want o thank you so much for offering your product. My yellow American singer canary, Pavorotti, was breathing heavy for over a week. I contacted the National Canary Advisory, and they forwarded to me, information, on your product.

After 24 hours, I noticed a great improvement in his breathing, in 36 hours, there were no clicking noises, not even close up to my ear. In 48 hours he was singing!

Again, I want to thank you, as Pavorotti is breathing free and clear, and singing his robust song, once again!"
Pavorotti's happy owner!

"...My bird is flying around the cage today. That Scatt works fast. I will never be without it again."
Lyn Braunagel- Houston, Texas

"...Thank you with all my heart xxxxx.
Jackson has pulled thru and sings everyday!
You saved his life. I can't thank you enough. All my love."
Pauline Evans – United Kingdom

I woke up to the best sound in the world Red Factor Canary, Papi, was singing. Singing! Papi was afflicted with Air Sac Mites. Being naive and inexperience, I had never heard of this so my little baby suffered much longer than he should have. I tried to take him to the vet, but the only avian specialist I can find in Boston is at the MSPCA and they wanted a couple hundred dollars just to see him. While money is not something I care about, I simply didn't have the money they were asking for upfront. That's when I found your website, your guidance, your product. I received the Scatt on Tuesday (9/29/09) and today (10/2/09) my little baby is singing......SINGING!!!!

There are simply not enough words in any language in this world to express my gratitude. Thank you SO MUCH for giving me my little baby back. Papi says thank you too...."boop-boop, tweet-tweet"
June - MA

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