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Save money and be in control of your birdís diet!

One seed mix fits all?
Finch mixes currently available on the market offer just one blend for all seasons, making it impossible for you to control the amount of energy seeds you supply your birds.

"Tonic Seed"
Old Canary Breeders Term

Tonic Seed is a term used by canary breeders to denote the soft black oily seeds with thin, brittle hulls. They are more easily eaten by youngsters whose beaks are not strong enough to crack hard seed until they are 5 weeks old. When sprouted, they provide a convenient and effective way to furnish those two most important supplement, EPowder and FVite, to the youngsters.

NEW! Breeding, Molting & Weaning
Tonic Seed

Our finch seed system is designed to add the energy seeds your birds need for a successful breeding, molting and weaning season in a healthy and cost effective way.

The pre-weighed oily Tonic Seed packets can be mixed into the 5lb or 25lb LadyG Finch Resting Season Blend to make up 3% of the mix, or they can be offered "free choice" in a separate treat or small feeding dish during the breeding, molting and weaning seasons.

High metabolic rate
One of the most important factors to a successful breeding season is the addition of energy foods so that parents can successfully raise their young without tiring and becoming ill. The extremely high metabolic rate and small size of finches make additional "energy providing foods" a must as breeding season approaches.

Cycle of the Seasons explains why appropriate foods should be fed based upon what Season your birds are experiencing (Resting, Breeding, Molting or Juvenile.) Breeding and Molting are times of high stress and the demands on the birds for additional energy are extremely high. Carbohydrates, fats and protein are all sources of energy, but fats offer the most efficient conversion to energy ratio we can offer our birds. The oil seeds in our Tonic Seed Packet are Rape, Niger and Black Lettuce. The packet sizes have been calculated to represent only 3% of our 5lb and 25lb Lady G Finch Seed Mix because most finch species cannot tolerate high levels of oil in their diet.

Oil seeds are high in the amino acids Methionine and Lysine, which are not found in the seed contained in the standard, generic finch mix. These 2 amino acids are essential for good reproduction. Oil seeds are also high in the sulfa producing amino acids, which are essential for strong, new feathers, thus the importance for you to add them to our Resting Season Blend during both the Breeding, Molting & Weaning seasons. There is no need to add oil seeds when giving TurboBooster, although this will not harm them.

Tonic seeds play an important part in the weaning process. They are soft oily seeds that are more easily eaten by youngsters. When sprouted, they provide a convenient and effective way to furnish these two most important supplements, E Powder and FVite, to the youngsters.

Sprouted seed and soft foods must be supplied twice daily to accelerate the weaning process, as the beaks of young birds are not strong enough to crack any hard seed until they are 5 weeks old.

Breeding, Molting & Weaning

Available in:
Tonic Seed 3oz (3% Energy Seed - add to 5lb bag)
Tonic Seed 1lb (3% Energy Seed - add to 25lb bag)
Tonic Seed 2lb Feed Free Choice

Finch & Canary Tonic Seed Blend: Breeding, Molting & Weaning - designed for you to add the energy seeds your birds need for a successful breeding, molting & weaning season. Tonic seeds are soft oily seeds that are more easily eaten by youngsters. They help teach the young to break open hard seed.
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Finch & Canary Breeding & Molting Seed Blend - formulated for the nutritional requirements for the Breeding & Molting Seasons. These seeds have been carefully selected to provide the widest range of micronutrients and trace elements, specifically for the breeding and molting seasons of finches and canaries. Protein 15%, Crude Fat 6%, Fiber 9%.
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Finch & Canary Resting Season Seed Blend - designed for the resting season of finches, canaries and budgies. High calorie and high energy seeds during the resting season will not only upset the yearly cycle, but could also result in obese birds. The resting season blend has all the required nutrition available from a dry seed mix that our bird need while resting. Crude Protein 12.5%, Crude Fat 4.0%, Crude Fiber 7.0%.
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