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Water Soluble Avian Wormer

  • weight loss
  • visible ribbons in droppings
  • enlarged gizzard palpable
    in abdomen

WORM AWAY successfully eliminates thread worms, tape worms, hook worms, caecal worms, gizzard worms, round worms, gape worms and other intestinal worms found in birds.

Direction for Use
Add ½ teaspoon per 5 fl.oz of clean drinking water OR one drop per 6 oz. of body weight on fruits, vegetables, soaked seed, or softfood OR one drop per 6 oz. of body weight administered directly to the crop. WORM AWAY is a single dose treatment but may be repeated if condition does not improve. If bird does not respond to treatment or birdís condition worsens, consult a veterinary Safe for young and adult birds.

Keep container closed before and after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

Active Ingredients:
   Praziquantel... 20 g/L.
   Oxfendazole... 20 g/L.

Available in: 2 & 4 fluid ounces

Worm Away - is an avian wormer that is added to water. Eliminates thread worms, tape worms, hook worms, caecal worms, gizzard worms, round wormss and gape worms.
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This product is not intended or approved for stock whose meat or eggs are intended for human consumption. Consult your veterinarian for authorization and supervision in administering this or any antimicrobial medication.


"...There are products available that treat 3 and sometimes 4 diseases in one multi-mix. They recommend treating all at one time saving having to treat one thing at a time. They are used to treat Coccidiosis, Canker, Paratyphoid, Worms and E.coli. They contain, Furaltadone, Ronidazole, AmproliumHCL & Oxybendazol. Are these mixes safe to use on my finches and canaries?"

"...It is common to treat Pigeons with a multi-mix product as a regular health maintenance program. Ideally it is best not to mix medications for different types families of parasites in the stored form."

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