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Medications, Supplements & Pest Control for Birds
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We have designed our kits
to take the guess work out
of treating your birds. Plus,
you get the added savings
over singly priced items.

We always include
FREE! 2oz Alfalfa Greens
in ALL of our kits!

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Visual Improvements
are Noticeable
within 3 Days!

Improvements include:
Feather Color & Shine
Beak Color & Shine
Increased Activity
Brighter Eyes
Improved Appetite
Calming Effect
Foot Circulation

Most Importantly,
Dr. Marshall's Products
Protect Againist Illness!

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Wheezing, clicking, sneezing,
open mouth breathing,
tail bobbing, nasal discharge,
and excessive beak wiping
are all signs of the

Airsac Mite!

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Dr. Marshall's
No need to catch or
handle your birds. S76 Airsac Mite treatment
is added to water!

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Beautiful Color Laminated and
Ready to Hang.
Wonderful Gifts!

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Perle Morbide

A safe and tasty alternative for
sprouted seed.

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Twin Beaks® Aviary's
Herb Salad™™
100% Organic ingredients are the leaves, roots, bark and flowers of the plants that animals
seek in the wild.

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The information provided in this section has been written by Dr Marshall exclusively for the
benefit of his clients and their birds. It is designed to share his wealth of experience and
knowledge and in doing so, improve the quality of life for all birds. You will find detailed and
practical information on pet birds, flock birds and more.


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Bird Neglect
and Rescue

...the incredible
journey back

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Softfood Recipe
by Alan Simpson

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