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"WOW! I am SOOO grateful to have found this product! Our Lady Gouldians were going bald. After 2 weeks their color is gorgeous! Maybe it's my imagination but all of our finches seem happier and healthier since I have added the liquid kelp to their water."Kimberly Rountree - Newnan, GA

Iodine deficiencies in birds

For thousands of years, traditional healers all over the world looked to the sea for healing remedies. Kelp was one key find. Kelp, is one of the richest sources of micro-nutrition, minerals and trace minerals. Kelp is especially high in Iodine and Potassium. Iodine deficiency is a common problem in Australian birds especially Lady Gouldians. The Australian birds seem to need more iodine than other birds. Deficiencies can result in breathing problems, difficulty in molting, poor breeding and feather condition. Liquid Iodine provides the additional iodine needed by the Gouldians.

Available in: 2oz & 4oz liquid

Liquid Iodine - provides the added iodine needed by Australian birds. Eliminates balding in Gouldians. Will improve feather condition and infertility problems.
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