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"...I couldn't believe how much my birds pigged out on your seed mix. Nothing else i have feed them comes that close. I'm absolutely amazed. Good stuff!"
Darryl Stahler

"...WOW - my birds are going through your seed mix much more quickly than they did the "other" stuff. I put yours in a separate container and the other in another just to see. They are loving it!"
Lisa Merrifield - Minnesota

"... my birds love your seed!"
Anne Dennis - North Carolina

I got very tired of all of the small seeds and multi-colored bits and pieces in the various brands of Finch Seed Mix that my birds just wouldn't eat them. So into the trash they went!

Finally, I decided to mix up my own blend using the seeds I knew they would eat. I hesitated doing this for quite some time, thinking that if the seeds were in the mixes they must be important for the birds. However, I finally decided that if the birds wouldn’t eat them, what difference did it make if the seeds were in the mix. As far as I was concerned, it was just dead weight!

Seasonal Requirements
Knowing the importance of feeding the proper diet to my birds based on their seasonal cycles, I designed three unique blends. The finch mixes I found on the market had all the season's seeds in one bag. High calorie and high energy seeds during the resting season will not only upset the yearly cycle, but could also result in obese birds. They do not have extra energy requirements as they do during molting, breeding and raising babies.

Resting Season Blend has all the required nutrition available from a dry seed mix that our birds need while resting.

LadyG Finch Mix
  Resting Season Blend
  Available in:   1lb bags
  5lb bags
  25lb bags


Ingredients: White Proso Millet, Canary Grass Seed, Japanese Millet

Our Finch Mixes do not contain any added vitamins, so I highly recommend that you use a good quality vitamin/mineral supplement along with the seed. In addition to seed, during the breeding and molting seasons to feed greens and/or sprouts daily, along with a quality egg/softfood mix.

NEW! Breeding, Molting & Weaning Season Tonic Seed

Shipping Reduced!
In order to offer our customers the lowest shipping rates possible we Drop Ship our 25lb Seed Mixes directly from our Seed Centers on the East and West coast. The shipping charge will be included in your check-out amount when you enter your order, however it will be higher than you will actually be charged on your credit card because our seed vendors receive a great ship rate from UPS that we pass onto you. We will manually re-enter your actual shipping cost on your final invoice before we collect on your credit card. If you need the exact shipping charges before your order is processed, please drop us an email at support@ladygouldianfinch.com.

If you choose to send a check for the product purchase, please call 800-579-7974 or e-mail support@ladygouldianfinch.com for a shipping quote.

Finch & Canary Resting Season Seed Blend - designed for the resting season of finches, canaries and budgies. High calorie and high energy seeds during the resting season will not only upset the yearly cycle, but could also result in obese birds. The resting season blend has all the required nutrition available from a dry seed mix that our bird need while resting. Crude Protein 12.5%, Crude Fat 4.0%, Crude Fiber 7.0%.
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Finch & Canary Tonic Seed Blend: Breeding, Molting & Weaning - designed for you to add the energy seeds your birds need for a successful breeding, molting & weaning season. Tonic seeds are soft oily seeds that are more easily eaten by youngsters. They help teach the young to break open hard seed.
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Finch & Canary Breeding & Molting Seed Blend - formulated for the nutritional requirements for the Breeding & Molting Seasons. These seeds have been carefully selected to provide the widest range of micronutrients and trace elements, specifically for the breeding and molting seasons of finches and canaries. Protein 15%, Crude Fat 6%, Fiber 9%.
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