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Black Masked Grassfinch

Black Masked Grassfinches

Name: Black Masked Grassfinch (Poephila personata) - aka. Masked Grassfinch

Origin: Australia.

Habitat: Grass Lands, Forest Edge

Sexing: Viturally identical. The best way to sex them is to watch for the male to sing and the female to lay her eggs.

Breeding: Fairly easy if the finches are comfortable. They will nest in a typical finch nest and enjoy their privacy so no peeking.

Social: Yes. Very friendly finches which house well in a mixed aviary. I keep mine with Gouldians and have had no problems..

Housing: These are active finches and enjoy plenty of flight space. They are also very fast flyers and I recomend you keep a night light on for them to prevent night fright.

Diet: A standard finch mix, cuttlebone, oyster shell, fresh water. I give a variety of sprouted seeds plus a mixture of greens & egg food. They are fairly eager to try new foods.

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