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Strawberry Finches

Strawberry Finch Pair

Name: Strawberry Finches (Amandava amandava) - aka. Red Avadavat

Origin: Pakistan to Vietnam

Habitat: Forest and Grasslands

Sexing: When in breeding plumage the males are bright red. When not in breeding plumage the males and females look alike.

Breeding: Difficult to get started but once they are experienced breeders they do very well. They will require extra protein and privacy.

Social: Somewhat. They are easily disturbed by other finches in the cage and are very aggressive towards their own species and any other red colored finch during their breeding cycles.

Housing: These finches require a large covered or planted area to feel secure.

Diet: A standard finch mix, cuttlebone, oyster shell, fresh water. Plus egg food and insects. Some of their favorite seeds are yellow, golden or panicum millet.

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