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Myra Markely (FinchNiche) photo of Blue Cap Cordon Bleu

Articles and Information

Name: Cordon Bleu (Uraeginthus angolensis)
Blue Cap Cordon Bleu (Uraeginthus cyanocephalus)
Red-Cheeked Cordon Bleu (Uraeginthus bengalus)

Origin: Equatorial Africa.

Habitat: Found in savanna, thorn, scrub, dry bush, and cultivated areas. Sometimes in very and locales, but only where surface water is available.

Sexing: All three Cordon Bleus are easy to sex visually. Males will always have more (and brighter) blue coloring than the females. The Red-Cheek females will not have the red-cheek.

Breeding: These birds may not be the easiest to breed at home. They need a spacious flight cage or planted aviary and several nesting options. They don't like to be disturbed when breeding and do need a high protein diet in the breeding season. Yes, more bugs. Grass and white feathers are the nesting materials of choice.

Social: Somewhat. They are easily disturbed by other finches in the cage and are very aggressive towards their own species and any other blue finch during their breeding cycles.

Housing: Does well in either a flight cage or aviary setting. They do well in either small colonies or mixed flights with finches of equal size and temperament.

Diet: A standard finch mix, cuttlebone, oyster shell, fresh water. Plus egg food and insects.

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