It must be emphasized that it is far better to confirm a diognosis before initiating treatment rather than to decide on a treatment based upon symptoms and probabilities.

This Symptoms & Diagnostic Troubleshooting Guide has been designed to help individuals unable to self-diagnose by using a microscope or those without access to an avian veterinarian.

Symptoms Treatment
Air Sac Mites Scatt, Ivermectin or Moxidectin
Bacteria InfectionTrimethoprim Sulfa, Baytril, Amoxycillin, Ciprofloxacin
  E-coli, Streptococcus, Staphyloccus, MycoplasmaTrimethoprim Sulfa. Enrofloxyn
  CampylobacterDoxycyline, Erythromycin, Tetracycline
BaldingKelp, Liquid Iodine
Chlamydial InfectionsDoxycycline
Clear Eggs assessment needed to determine cause
Coccidiosis PreventionCoccivet, Baycox/Endocox
Coccidiosis TreatmentTrimethoprim Sulfa
GiaridaRondiazole, Ronivet
Cochlosoma ProtozoaRonidazole, Ronivet
Cuts and Scratches

Chlorohexidine, Phytobalm

Dead In Shell*Chilled, Bacterial, Viral, Diet, assessment needed
Dehydration and StressGuardian Angel, Energize, Survive
DiarrheaGuardian Angel, Energize, Survive
Dirty WaterSaniclens, Aviclens, Chlorohexidine
Egg BindingCalcium Plus, Calciboost, Guardian Angel
Feather Plucking, Poor MoltCalcium Plus, Hemp, Avian Calm, herbs
First Aid/ Emergency TreatmentGuardian Angel, Energize, Survive
Fungal InfectionsMedistatin, Nystatin, Amphotercin B
Lice-MiteControl, Dynamite, Avian Insect Liquidator, scatt, moxidectin
Poor LibidoBreeders Blend, Breeding Aid, Ferti-Vit
Protozoa Infection Atoxoplasmosis, CankerRonidazole, Ronivet
Scaly FaceScatt, Moxidectin or Ivermectn
Sick Bird (Immune System Support)

Assess Cause, Guardian Angel, Survive

Sinus & Respiratory DiseaseAmoxycillin, Baytril/Enrofloxn, Doxycycline, Amoxy-tyl etc.
Twirling, Stargazing*Medistatin/Fungal or Trimethoprim Sulfa/ Bacterial
Worms Worm Out Gel, Wormer Deluxe, Ultimate Wormer
Wet VentTrimethoprim Sulfa & Ronex (Mixed Together)
Wound Irrigatingchlorohexidine, Aviclens

We have been using the following products and are totally delighted with our results. We are very confident in recommending them to you. We do not have veterinarian qualifications, and there is no substitute for an evaluation of an ill bird by a qualified avian veterinarian.

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