Hi, My name is Terri and I was a hobby lady gouldian finch breeder for over 10 years. To say I have a passion for lady gouldian finches is a major understatement. I have a large flock of finches, some older canaries, and several grasskeet species but no longer have much time for breeding.

During the course of my breeding I found buying supplies frustrating and time consuming. No one had it all and they never had enough to fill my needs. I needed a big warehouse style supplier with cases of nests, water tubes and hoppers. So... I started Glamorous Gouldians. Do I have everything? Well, no but I continue to work on it:) I do have things in large quantities! I am importing goods from Italy and Australia and have a warehouse full of supplies, so give us a try!

I am one individual and not a big corporation so understand I can not answer all the phone calls that come in, it's just takes more time then I have. If you have a question or problem, I find it best resolved thru email. I've worked really hard to put all the products on here so please use the site to place your order. Phone orders are not feasible at this time.