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Orange Weaver - Species Information

Orange Weavers - ladygouldianfinch - Species Information
Myra Markely (FinchNiche) photo of Orange Weaver

Articles and Information - Lady Gouldian Finch

Name: Orange Weaver (Euplecies Orixftanciscana)

Origin: Northwest and eastern Africa.

Habitat: Open savanna with tall shrubbery thickets and trees.

Sexing: No visual difference during non-breeding seasons. Males molt into orange and black feathers during the breeding season.

Breeding: Difficult

Social: Harem environment only. 1 male and as many as 10 females to a flight. Do not house in a mixed flight or aviary, Orange weavers only.

Housing: Aviary or Large flight only. Preferable is planted. Males are fiercely territorial and will kill other males in the flight. They will also kill most other species of finch.

Diet: Small and large millets, canary grass, hemp, hulled oats, and hulled rice make up the largest part of the diet throughout most of the year. Small amounts of green food will be taken as well, and should be available during the breeding season along with small insects like young crickets, mealworms, waxworms, termites, and sprouted seed.

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