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Myra Markely (FinchNiche) photo of Society Finch

Name: Society (Bengalese) Finch (Lonchura domestica)

Origin: No one really knows. They are domesticated species thought to have been produced from various species of Munias or Mannikins which are now extinct.

Habitat: Probably some lightly forested area or grasslands originally, but only exist in captivity today.

Sexing: Males & Females are identical. They can be sexed by watching the males sing.

Mutations: Colors: Chocolate, Chestnut, Dilute, Fawn, Dilute Fawn, Pearl, Clearwing, Albino, ect..
Types: Pied, Self, Crested, Frilled.

Breeding: Easy. A nest, some nesting material, and they should take care of rest themselves. Society will all literally jump into one nest. They like to be together and as many as 8 birds may sleep in the same nest and raise each others young. Because of this trait they are often used to foster other species chicks. If it has a beak, the society will probably feed it.

Social: Yes, very.

Housing: They do well in a cage, flight, or mixed aviary. They get along with all species and rarely fight. They will however steal nesting material from other bird's nests.

Diet: A standard finch mix, cuttlebone, oyster shell, fresh water. A variety of sprouted seeds plus a mixture of greens & egg food. They are fairly eager to try new food. Also plenty of good Spray Millet.

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