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Handfeeding Lady Gouldian Finches
Lafeber's Nutristart Hand Feeding Food with micro syringe
Myra Markely (FinchNiche) Hand Feeding and Raising Finches

Gouldians in most cases will raise their young. However, they have been known to abandon or pitch their babies leaving the daunting task to you. Because of this unfortunate habit, I have featured on the site several articles written by clients who have been very successful hand rearing baby Gouldians and other finch species. Now I am very pleased to introduce a premium hand feeding formula from Lafeber to help you save your abandoned chicks.

Give your chicks a flying start
Nutri-start hand feeding formula is a complete, balanced diet for baby birds, made with rice flour for maximum digestibility. Now this improved, higher energy formula helps birds gain weight ever faster.

Baby birds put on weight in the form of organs (mostly protein), bones and fat. Baby birds grow so rapidly, any shortage of essential nutrients can have permanent harmful effects. Their ability to grow depends on the amount of protein and other key nutrients that they are fed. They also require energy to keep warm and to carry out the biochemical processes involved in growth.

Starches and fats provide most of the energy in hand rearing foods. Fats contain twice as much energy as starch. The level of fat in the hand rearing food is the major determinant of its energy level. Nitri-Start contains a minimum of 8% fat, 17% protein and crude fiber not more than 1%. Nurti-Start was created to take care of the needs of all baby birds: budgies to macaws to even wild birds.

They look so vulnerable, so fragile, so alone.
And guess what? They are. And sometimes, for whatever reason, that baby is looking to you for its mothering. Special stresses are put on birds that are hand reared. The younger they are when they are abandoned or removed from their parents the more problems you should expect. Like babies everywhere, they require extreme amounts of love and patience.

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