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Bogena Red Intensive feather color intesifier - Feather Supplement - Glamorous Gouldians

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    Intensive Red for colored birds. Intensive Red is a specially prepared color-food for improving the red color for birds such as canaries, linnets, goldfinches, cardinals etc. Intensive colors all feathers and is best used during moult.

    Do not mix with seed. Intensief may be added to Beaphar Fortified Egg Food or Beaphar Universal food. As a general rule a mixture of 10 gram of Intensief with 1 kg of rearing food is recommended. Give fresh twice a day, during the moult and during breeding up to a maximum of 4 times a day. Results will only be obtained by feeding Intensief during the moulting season, starting at least one week before the moult. However, many canary breeders offer Intensief daily throughout the year. Intensief may also be added to the drinking water by dissolving 10g in 1 litre of water (1 full teaspoon is approximately 2g). Both solution and feed mixture have to be prepared fresh daily. Please note: both solution and feed mixture will colour red after mixing with Intensiefed after mixing with Intensief.