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Cede Insect Food - 600G

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    CEDE Insect Food

    Bird Food - Insectivores

    Lady Gouldian Finch Supplies

    A feed supplement for tropical and domestic birds and all parakeets and parrot species. CeDe Insect Food is ideal for increasing the share of animal protein in the daily ration. It contains a variety of dried insects and molluscs, and birds like it. CeDe Insect Food is also an ideal tonic for getting your competition finches in shape.

    Instructions for Use:

    As a complete food for insect eating birds.

  • Administer daily a fresh portion

    As a complementary food during the breeding season.

  • Tropical finches 4 parts Cede tropical finch eggfood and 1 part Cede Insectfood
  • British finches 2 parts Cede british finch eggfood and 1 part Cede Insectfood
  • For all parakeets and parrots 4 parts Cede Budgie, Love birds, and neophema large parakeet and parrots and 1 part Cede Insectfood
  • Fruit eating birds 3 parts Cede Universal sofbill food and 1 part Cede Insectfood

    Store in cool and dry place


    Bakery Products, crustaceans, insects, oils and fats, various sugars, fruit