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Starwest Botanicals Certified Organic Hulled Sesame the highest concentration of a wide range of B vitamins

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    Whole Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds and birds love it

    Organic Seeds for Birds

    Organic Bird Food

    Use for pet birds year-round.


    Sesame seeds are high in fat, so should be added sparingly to any mixes you might make, but make them perfect for breeding, molting and winter weather. It's the seed with the highest concentration of a wide range of B vitamins, containing vitamins B1, B6, and B3. Great Natural source of calcium and Plant protein too! White Sesame is milder in flavor and higher in fat than the black sesame, so you will have to see which your bird prefers.

  • Botanical Name: Sesamum indicum
  • Kosher Certified
  • Certified Organic by QAI
  • USDA Organic