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Bird Care Company Daily Essentials 3 - Sprinkle on food Avian multi-vitamins

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    Bird Care Daily Essentials 3

    Sprinkle on food Avian multi-vitamins and minerals

    Another consideration is that birds eating lots of moist foods obtain most of their liquid needs this way and so have little desire to drink water. Think birds eating chopped fruits or vegetables. So if you put supplements in the water, it is expensive for you and no value to the birds. The answer is to mix Daily Essentials3 into their finely chopped fruit, soaked seed or eggfood (Feast).

    Key Features: mixes easily into moist foods. For all year round use and suitable for young and older birds. Promotes good health, condition and can aid with feathering and moulting problems.

    Store in a cool, dry location. Avoid leaving package open for long periods.

    Sprinkle over fruit or other moist food, 1 teaspoon per day for:

  • 30 pairs canaries/finches
  • 20 pairs budgerigars
  • 12 pairs cockatiel sized birds
  • 10 pairs Rosella size birds
  • 6 pairs greys/amazons
  • 4 pairs cockatoos/macaws
  • Active ingredients: Vitamins A, D3, E, K, B12, C. Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Folic acid, Choline Bitatrate and Biotin Active ingredients continued: Minerals include magnesium, Zinc, sulphur, iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, selenium and iodine. Also contains limiting amino acids..