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    Antifungal for treating yeast or fungal issues

    Active Ingredients: Nystatin 400,000 i.u. per gram


    Mix 5g with 1Kg of grain for 5-7 days. Grain to be lightly coated with oil to allow Medistatin to adhere to the grain.

    Mix 5g with 500g of seed or softfood for 5-7 days. Seed to be lightly oiled to allow Medistatin to adhere to the seed.

    Hand Reared Chicks
    Prevention: Mix 1g per 200g of soft food daily for as long as symptoms prevail. Treatment: Mix 1g per 20ml water, shake well and dose 1ml of mixture per 100g bodyweight twice daily.

    Store in a cool, dry place, below 25C
    Keep the container tightly closed.

    Packaging: 100 grams (Manufacturer - GENERIC)