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Max Bird Bath with Wire Surround

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    Bath time is fun time for your birds.

    Bath's help to keep them clean and help reduce bacteria in your birds environment.

    Bathing is good for your birds mental health too, we all need things to do!

    During a moult ahhh...what a relief a nice cool bath is:)

    A couple drops of Apple Cider Vinegar or Aviclens water cleaner help to keep the water fresh longer and bring a beautiful shine to their feathers

    This bathtub is recommended for finches, canaries and similar sized birds

    9 1/2" l x 6 3/4" w x 7 3/8" Tall (24x16x19 cm) with 9" Opening

    Also nice when handfeeding babies, hook on the cage for introduction to birds while keeping them safely inside:)

    Imported from Italy

    Dimensions 24x16x19h with plastic tray and galvanized net