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Starwest BotanicaLs Organic Yarrow Flowers - a digestive aid in tummy troubles high in flavonoids, protects nestlings

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    Organic Yarrow

    Organic Herbs and Seeds for Birds

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    Anti-microbial - helpful in nests

    Botanical Name:  Achillea millefolium

    Origin:  Albania/Croatia

    Common Names:

    Milfoil, Noble Yarrow, Nosebleed, Thousand Leaf, Millefolium

    Studies with Starlings suggest that the anti-microbial substances in yarrow may provide benefits, protecting the nestlings from feathering issues, and bacterial infections.  They line their nests with this helpful herbal flower.

    The flowers and leaves can be gathered when in bloom and then dried to use in teas and washes.  It acts as an astringent and can reduce the discomforts of eczema and bug bites. The fresh herb is often used in salves and supports healthy tissue repair and can soothe inflamed or sore joints. 

    Yarrow is also known as a digestive aid and can aid in tummy troubles.  It is high in flavonoids, and is an antioxidant. It can also be a tonic for the nervous system. The list goes on, and on making Yarrow a must have herb.