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    High Intensity Candling Light

    Monitor the development of fertile eggs without the dangers of handling.

    Candle any egg from the tiniest finch egg to the largest Macaw egg..even chickens and goose eggs.

    Use the Probe-Lite right in the nest box to determine if eggs are fertile without touching or removing the eggs.

    The bright, recessed incandescent bulb at the terminus of the flexible shaft is protected from breakage and is placed flush with the egg surface for inspection. Locate hairline fractures that cannot be seen without a good egg candler and repair the damage to facilitate normal development and hatching. Fertility or infertility can be determined by the 5th day of incubation allowing for the removal of unproductive individuals. The Probe-Lite is manufactured to withstand harsh conditions, indoor or out, and is powered by 2 "AA", replaceable batteries (included).