Ornitalia Perle Morbide White - for white birds to keep the white clean - Extruded Bird Food - Glamorous Gouldians

Perle Morbide White - replaces germinated seeds - Soft food - Bird Food - Lady Gouldian Finch Supplies USA (ornatalia-perle-morbide-wht)

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BIRD FOOD (EXTRUDED) Perle Morbide entirely replaces the administration of germinated seeds for: Canaries, Goldfinches, Bullfinches, Siskins, American Siskins, Redpolls and many others birds including Exotic Finches and Waxbills. Feeding...

Excellent for fast baby growth!

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Our parent birds work hard and perle morbide allows them to quickly fill up and feed the babies. I have used the green as it's easy to see in the crop if the babies are eating well. We also mix it into the handfeeding syringes and it helps us go a little longer between feedings. All of our bird use it and have been faithfully buying it since 2012. We offer it in finger trays with boiled egg( food processed). We however have tons of mixes that we use it in. We have made spirulina, carrot, egg, carob, and morbide.... Broccoli, carrot, egg, garlic powder, morbide and calcium powder .... Beet water, boiled egg and morbide which is the most beautiful color and the birds love it... Just limitless possibilities with so many health benefits
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