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Glamorous Gouldian's Millet Mix - Now in 2 sizes - Lady Gouldian Finch Breeding Mix over 43 ingredients

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    Breeding & Molting Diet for Grass Finches & Grass Keets

    Lady Gouldian Finch Food - Breeding Seed Mix

    Use for pet birds year-round, great seed mix for Lady Gouldian finches, canaries, parakeets, and all millet loving birds.


    Eight Types of Millet, 7 different Grass seeds, Sterilized Hemp, Black Lettuce, White Lettuce, Nyjer, white and red clover! I will not list nor share all the seeds in this mix but, these are the certified organics it contains, caraway, anise, fennel, chia and oat groats:))

    Great overall seed mix to give your birds a little variety. Specifically for gouldians, grass finches and grasskeets. No color, no preservatives and no waste. Your bird will love it:)