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    Nourishing Pet Birds since 1975!

    Dr. Lafeber Sr. created the very first pet bird pellet.
    As a practicing veterinarian in the 1960's Dr Ted Lafeber Sr. was treating pet birds and soon realized that most pet birds were suffering from malnutrition. Birds can not survive on millet, canary seed and sunflower seeds alone.

    In 1975, he created the very first pet bird pellet recipe. Initially, many people thought he was crazy, birds eat seeds, not pellets, but then they saw the results.. the birds eating pellets were healthier, happier and living longer.

    Nutritionally Balanced
    Good health and a long life begin with proper nutrition and Lafeber's Premium Daily Diet is formulated to provide exactly that.

    Lafeber's Premium Daily Diet is a high quality blend of natural ingredients like ground non-GMO corn and soybean meal. Both grains are literally grown outside Lafeber Company's front door. We also add whole egg, the world's most digestive form of protein.

    The different grains are mixed and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids are added which are necessary for strong bones and brilliant feathers. Watch your feathered friend shine with the excellent nutrition found in Lafeber's pelleted bird food.

    Omega 3 & 6 Balanced
    Balancing the Omega Fatty Acids increases immune function. Generally, increased immune function helps the body's ability to fight disease.

    Balanced Omega 3 & 6's also improves the quality of the skin. More than ever, each pelleted recipe provides excellent nutrition for your loved feathered companion. Creating the first Omega 3 & 6 balanced pet bird pellet is just one of the reasons Lafeber Company is considered the leader in avian nutrition.

    Naturally Preserved
    Our veterinarians and nutritionist determined the best combination of natural preservatives, specifically mixed tocopherols and citric acid, to protect the nutrients of Lafeber's Premium Daily Diet pellets

    Naturally Flavored
    Our pellets are naturally flavored with the great taste of molasses. Molasses provides the energy birds need and a taste birds enjoy.

    High quality is guaranteed by controlling each step of the manufacturing process.
    Lafeber Company makes only bird food so our processes and equipment are specifically designed for your birds. We make small batches of food to tightly control our quality. Unlike many other bird food companies, we mix, form and package our food all under one roof. Each batch of pellets is scientifically tested for quality at an independent laboratory. These are some of the reasons why Lafeber Company guarantees your bird the highest quality food.

    Why pellets vs. extrusion diets
    Lafeber's pellets are the only real pelleted food found in pet stores. Most of the other "pellets" are actually extruded diets. Lafeber prefers to pellet because a higher quality product is achieved. Pelleting is a gentler food process as compared to extrusion. Pellets reach a temperature of around 165 degrees when formed and are then cooled. Because extrusion generally requires 100% gelatinization of the starches (the starches melt), the food is generally heated to 250-275 degrees under high pressure 300-600 psig when formed, and then must be cooked for approximately 20 minutes. Because of the extrusion processing, extruded foods generally need to be supplemented an extra 20-30% due to a nutrient loss as compared to only a 10% loss during pelleting.

    Convenient Nutrition
    Since our pellets offer nutrition in every bite, pellets can be a full diet or an important part of your bird's diet. Many owners have found their birds love a combination of foods with their pellets such as Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes and various fruits and vegetables.