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Starwest Botanical's Organic Lavender Flowers - Fresh herbs for your birds - Glamorous Gouldians

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    Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties of Lavender makes it a must have herb!

    Botanical Name: Lavandula x intermedia

    Origin: France

    Lavender's antifungal properties make it useful for antifungal resistant infections of the skin.  Great with wounds, cuts, bruises and itching.  Great skin healing support.

    Lavender's antibacterial properties can help reduce mucus in the lungs.  It suppresses inflammation from allergic irritation of the airways.  A natural bronchial dilator which can be helpful with bronchitis or colds. 

    Add some to your bird's cage and see what they think? Fresh and fragrant whole flowers!  

    Food Grade and edible.