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".... I want to send a HUGE thank you...your website saved my bird! Unfortunately the last weekend I lost a bird to egg binding, I did not know what was going on, so I searched your site and followed your advice when my 2nd bird started with the exact same symptoms. I had taken her to the vet, who advised was 'air sac mites' he treated with Ivermectin. I was not satisfied with his diagonsis. I was so happy to have your products with me the Calcium Plus (liquid) and Miracle Meal. I put her in a critter cage, (small plastic cage I use for transport) along with a heating pad. I gave her the calcium plus and miracle meal, and prayed! She did drink and eat, but looked HORRIBLE, all fluffed, eyes closed, I was certain I was losing her. Well, about 3 hours later she passed her egg!!!! I was ESTATIC! The next day, she looked a little worn still, but today she is PERFECT! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Again Thank you, and you have a lifetime customer!" God Bless you,
Sara Gush-Halav

"...all my birds love this new Miracle Meal soft food! Canaries, finches, all of them. The favorite cockatiel, Pretty Bird, landed on my shoulder this morning and I thought I'd been hit with a five pound bag of sugar --LOL, just kidding of course. He is not a good eater and so I am grateful for something he really loves."
Judy Bajorek - NY

"Miracle meal is really great on baby chicks. Very satisfied with the results"
Alfredo Brugueras - Idaho

"..Oh, by the way, my gouldians and societies went wild over the Miracle Meal. The societies will usually try any new food right away but the gouldians are suspicious of everything and take forever to try new foods. Not this time. All of them went after the Miracle Mood with voracious appetites. I am going to order more. I am especially happy to see the gouldians eating it. Hopefully it will help beautify their plumage."
Deb Read-Earlysville, VA

... "Miracle Meal" is truly astounding. I started out mixing it with the last of my "Feast" and those little guys gobbled it up and left the remainder of the Feast in the bottom of the dish! HA! How funny they are. You've really hit on a great softfood, they LOVE it! Thanks so much! "
Kimberly - North Carolina

Not just another soft food!

soft food
for successful breeding, molting and plumage!

Miracle Mealís most important role is to provide our birds with health promoting nutrition beneficial for the breeding and molting seasons. Miracle Meal is a complete, all-natural, highly nutritious soft food. It contains the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids necessary for proper growth, breeding, molting and immune system functioning.

Miracle Meal does not contain egg.
The protein is fortified with lactose-free whey protein. While this is more expensive than just adding dry egg, it is better for the birds. It is not as quick to spoil and does not contain the high fat levels of dehydrated egg.

Miracle Meal is made from actual food products.
It contains the highest quality human-grade ingredients.
  No Fillers
   No Artificial Coloring or Food Dyes
   No Sugar
   Ethoxyquin Free

Miracle Meal contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that maximize the effect of the birdís natural immune system, helping to reduce the risk of young chicks succumbing to disease.

Miracle Meal Feeding Instructions
  Methods of feeding:

   1. Separate feeding dish
   2. Mixed together with Seed
   3. Sprinkled over fresh fruits or vegetable

Seasonal Feeding Schedule
Breeding Season:Do not feed any soft food within 24 hours after birth of chicks.
From the second day of life: 2 to 3 times per day
Molting Season: Offer daily
Resting Season: 2 times per week

Miracle Meal contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that maximize the effect of the birdís natural immune system, helping to reduce the risk of young chicks succumbing to disease.

Miracle Meal can be fed dry or moistened for improved palatability. To moisten mix a few drops of carrot, apple juice or water until the desired crumbly, consistency is achieved.

INGREDIENTS: Wheat, Corn, Oats, Lactose-Free Whey, Ground Flax Seed, Niger Seed, Canary Seed, Quinoa Grain, Red Millet, Japanese Millet, German Millet, Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids. Preserved with BHA.

TYPICAL ANALYSIS: Protein 18%, Fat 13%, Fiber 1%, and Carbohydrates 61%.

Each Pound Contains:
Vitamin A8,500 IU
Vitamin D31,400 IU
Vitamin C930mg.
Vitamin E36 mg.

Other Ingredients:
Vitamin B-1
Vitamin B-2
Vitamin B-3
Vitamin B-6
Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-K
Folic Acid
Calcium Pantothenate
Choline Bitartrate
Cobalt Chloride
Copper Gluconate
Iron Citrate
Manganese Sulfate
Magnesium Oxide
Potassium Iodide
Silicon Dioxide
Sodium Selenite
Zinc Sulphate
Amino Acids
Asparic Acid
Glutamic Acid

Available in: 1lb, 2lb, 4lb & 10lb

Miracle Meal Soft Food - proteins, vitamins, minerals & trace elements beneficial for successful breeding, molting and plumage.
Please Select:

"...Many of the softfoods on the market contain sugar. Yeast loves sugar! Softfoods containing sugars certainly increase the risk of baby birds and yeast susceptible species such as cockatiels of getting yeast infections. Does Miracle Meal softfood contain sugar?"

"...You have raised a very important point. Sugar is bad for birds just as it is bad for humans. Too much will lead to obesity and related problems like diabetes etc. Birds can easily become dependent on sugars in the diet. We use no sugar at all in Miracle Meal. Nor do we use honey. We do use small amounts of the artificial sweeteners, Saccharin to improve palatability.

Finally I want to point out that the Miracle Meal product is part of a coordinated group of products designed to work together. Our experience is that people who use our complete system are very happy with the results.

Bill Niven - Morning Bird Products

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