Starwest Botanicals Organic Kelp Powder - Natural source of Iodine, powdered mixes in softfoods

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    Organic Kelp Powder for birds

    Natural Source of Iodine

    Natural Avian Supplements

    Botanical Name: Dried Kelp: Ascophyllum nodosum
    Common Names: Knotted Wrak, Egg Wrack

    Common Names: Knotted Wrak, Egg Wrack Kelp is called a miracle plant because of its natural healing properties. Kelp is the best natural source of trace minerals available. Kelp is source of protein and rich in Iodine and Iron. Wonderful natural iodine supplement for your birds to free feed on at will. Great for feathers and overall health. Often served as granules or a powder, I prefer the granules to the mess of powdered forms. My birds got the powder everywhere! Human Grade food product safe for use in cooking your foods too! Use as a salt replacement in your next recipe. Natural, organic, earth friendly food!

    Our Kelp is produced by Starwest Botanicals and is Human Food Grade. I recommend and have it available for lady gouldians at all times but especially during moult! Parents will readily load up and feed newly feathered chicks, so be sure it's full and clean with babies in the nest! Organic Kelp is an excellent source of iodine, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B and D

    Health Benefits of Kelp:
    Correct Mineral deficiencies
    Helps to detoxify the body
    Rebuild and maintain proper gland function
    Boosts immune system
    Helps with proper digestion
    Reported to aid in brain development
    Nutritional support to help with colds, influenza or worm infestations
    Increase metabolism