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Hilton Herbs Supersonic, Natural supplement for High Energy, Antioxidants, Minerals and amino acids

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    Herbal Supplement for energy and shiny feathers

    Providing a readily available source of energy. Rich in anti-oxidants, omega, 36 essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins and amino acids.

    This oil rich supplement can be added to softfood to help provide a readily available source of energy. We recommend using this product daily during training to help improve energy levels and as a readily available energy source for all distances of racing. Supersonic is also ideal for show birds and for use during the moult, when the high oil content and herbs encourage shedding of feathers and strong healthy feather regrowth.

    Steamed Linseed (Flaxseed), Cold Pressed Virgin Hemp Oil, Rosehip, Milk Thistle, Nettle, Cleavers, Fenugreek

    Directions for use : comes with a 15ml scoop
    Damp the surface of feed and add one rounded 15ml scoop to every 1lb. Mix well to cover and feed