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NEKTON-Tonic-I - Insectivorous - Insect Eating Birds Supplement, Avian Vitamins

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    Vitamins For Insect Eating Birds

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    Nekton Tonic-I has been formulated according to the latest results of scientific research and is suited to the dietary requirements of insect eating birds.

    To be of any value to the body, a tonic must enter the bloodstream and be distributed to all the living regions fast. By adding Nekton Tonic-I as a supplement you not only increase the nutritive value of the food but also provide a bird with all the necessary nutrients and effective substances without putting too much strain on the digestive organs.

    This makes Nekton Tonic-I particularly valuable during such stress periods as illness, moulting, nesting, re-caging and acclimation, and has proved an excellent help in raising young animals. And you can use Nekton Tonic-I to get your bird in prime condition before shows or just to help it get over a show.

    Nekton Tonic-I consists of more than 60 individual substances which when put together, result in a particularly well-balanced tonic and dietary supplement.,/p> NEKTON TONIC-I Contains:

  • CARBOHYDRATES - to give the basal metabolism added energy and boost activity
  • PROTEINS made out of the same vegetable matter the bird's are used to in its natural surroundings. In addition, 18 pure amino acids have been added too.
  • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS, which a bird's organs definitely need and which help prevent illnesses due to deficiencies.
  • VITAMINS AND PROVITAMINS, which are vital organic substances that must be present in a bird's diet if serious and irremediable illnesses are to be avoided.
  • MINERALS AND TRACE ELEMENTS Even if a bird does not receive a sufficient supply of these vital substances regularly, its organs constantly secretes them, so that any tonic has to have a high content of minerals and trace elements if it is to have any far reaching effect.

    NEKTON TONIC-I is water soluble in powder form, Given two or three times a week either in water or over soft food in addition to the drinking water it helps prevent all those illnesses due to deficiencies. In times of stress it is advisable to add daily to counteract the effects of the moult, re-caging, shows or acclimation.


    Dissolve 20 ml = 10g Nekton Tonic-I in 100 ml water (or 1 part TONIC_I to approximately 3 1/3 parts water to make a slurry)and service in a separate bowl

    When hand-raising young birds the solution can be fed into the beak by using an eyedropper or straight into the crop by means of a tube or needle. As soon as the birds are weaned onto a spoon, 10-15 days old, a certain amount of roughage such as boiled rice should be added.


    Sprinkle NEKTON TONIC-I powder over soft food or fruit. We recommend approximately 20 ml = 10g NEKTON TONIC-I to 100g (3 1/2oz)

    Store in a cool, dark and dry place. In an unopened container and correctly stored the vitamins in NEKTON TONIC-I remain effective until date of expiry, see extra label.