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Saniclens - Bird Care Company - Clean and Disinfect - Water Cleaner

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    Saniclens Water Treatment to keep pet birds water clean longer!

    Great for skin infections, try on your birds bald spots!

    Ingredients: Chlorhexidine gluconate

    Saniiclens is a powerful water sanitizer for birds, it keeps drinking water sparkling clean and hygienic. Also ideal for soaking seed.

    Are you getting:

  • Green slime in drinkers?
  • Red algae in bird baths?
  • This is not good for your birds and it takes longer to clean!
  • Saniclens is designed to solve the problem! Very economical (1/2 ml per liter or 2ml to a gallon), Saniclens is a powerful but safe water sanitizer, to keep drinking and bathing water hygienic and healthy, whatever your birds may drop in it!

    Saniclens has been a top selling product from The Birdcare Company for the last 21 years! Saniclens works by retarding the growth of yeasts, fungi and bacteria safely.

    Key Features:
    Will retard the growth of yeasts, fungi & bacteria. Incredibly economical. Safe to use every day for all birds.

    Dose: .5 ml of Saniclens per Litre of drinking water or 2ml to a Gallon US. Use as animal's normal drinking water or as a seed soaking solution.